Archiving Projects

To Archive a Project

1) Go to the project’s “Options” screen

2) In the left side menu click on “Archive Project” and follow the steps listed there.

You will need to confirm that you want to archive the project.

You can also archive several projects at the same time

To do this open the Manage All Projects screen.

(To open the Manage All Projects screen use the Manage link located on the left side / global menu next to Projects).

Use the checkbox next to each project combined with the “With selected” tool at the top.

How to Un-archive a Project

You can un-archive a project at any time.

When a project has been archived it goes into the “Archived projects” section at the bottom of your “Manage All Projects” screen. (Access this screen from the left side navigation “Projects / Manage”).

Unarchive the project using the “Unarchive” link. It will now appear back in the Projects list. (You may need to refresh the screen first).

Things to Note

Archived projects do not add to your Project count (for billing)

If you are sharing the project with other account owners the project will NOT be archived in THEIR accounts. It will remain live – for them – until they also archive it.

Read more about How you are charged for projects (read on)

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