TELL YOUR TEAM – Useful Method – Plus a Draft email

Dooster is fairly easy to use. When you assign a task your team member will get an email that’s fairly self explanatory. You can also direct your team to this help section.

But there’s often a need to communicate directly about why you’ve decided to use it. Below is a draft email you can customize for your own needs. But first check this out:

1) Jing is an easy to use “make a video of your screen” tool. It is a great way to communicate online. It’s very easy to use and only takes seconds to download and start using. You’ll be glad you discovered it. (You might see how useful it could be for your other work).

Doing a quick, easy Jing video showing Dooster to your team will save you a lot of time effort.

2) You can use this draft email to introduce your team to working with Dooster. Feel free to copy and edit.


To improve team communication I have researched online project managers. I think the best one for us is It’s easy to use and does everything we need. So let’s use it to coordinate the work from now on.


  • We can assign each other tasks with priorities and due dates. They come with automatic reminders which we get by email.
  • We can exchange comments by email – without having to log in to Dooster. (The comments get stored on each specific task for easy reference).
  • Everything will be easier to track (it allows for ticket numbers and other useful stuff). Progress should be better.


Dooster interacts really well with email – in fact you don’t actually ever need to log into Dooster. You get all notifications / reminders etc by email. (Replies to the emails become “comments” which get sent out to everyone involved).

If you do log in you’ll be able to see everything in one place, with priorities and due dates all neatly laid out. It will help you see what’s next, what’s most important etc.

(The point is that using a project manager like this is much better than relying ONLY on emails – which can get lost and are hard to prioritize).


I will go through our existing stuff and break it down into individual tasks. So don’t be surprised to see old email threads broken up as new tasks and assigned to you – which of course you’ll get by email.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Meanwhile you can check out their FAQs / Knowledge Base here


PS Dooster is also great for managing all kinds of things, like admin, regular repeating tasks and so on. You can set up your own private projects – like organizing a holiday – which no one else can see, while also sharing our work. All this in the same account, so you get to see all your “to do” stuff on the same screen.

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