Compare and see why dooster is the tool that
you've been looking for

There are a lot of great tools out there to help you manange your tasks and projects. But none of them did what we wanted.

So we made our own! Here´s how it shapes up against the competition.

Task / Notes C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Prioritising tasks
Recurring tasks
Task creation through email
Move tasks between projects
Add tasks / notes anywhere
Task history
Create new projects / users while adding tasks
“Involved” third parties can follow tasks

Email C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Email participants, clients
Email alerts and reminders
Comments auto-emailed between users

Permissions C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Vary user permissions within each project
Varied permissions per user across project
Set permissions for each file
Calendar access permissions

Alerts / Reminders C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Automated pre-set reminders
Automated instant “nudge” feature

Files / Data Storage C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
File storage
Set permissions for each file
Attach files to specific items
Automated daily backups

Overviews C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Filters on overviews
Due dates on overviews
Emails / Messages show in overview
User specific dashboards

Calendar C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Has calendar
Create / edit events in Calendar
Day, week, month, year views
Calendar access permissions

Projects C. Desktop Basecamp Outlook
Share projects / collaborate
Project templates
Project keyword search
Milestone progress chart