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How Can Dooster Help You?

The task and Project Manager that saves you time and money

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People Like You Use Dooster

Whether you’re a manager in a large business… an entrepreneur starting or running your own business… or a member of a project team Dooster will help you manage your stuff. It could make all the difference and give you a fantastic advantage.

Typical Dooster users include any individual, business or non-profit who wants to organize their activities in a better way.

Just A Few Of Our Powerful Features…

Create Tasks

  • Quickly create a task using the easy-add box
  • Can create tasks and notes by email
  • Set task dates, priorities, tags and assign from your email
  • Easy editing for fast and flexible task management

Find out more about Dooster’s task Features

Comments and notes

  • Comments, notes and files can be emailed in
  • No need to login – send from anywhere
  • All comments / replies are centralized in each task.
  • Everything kept in “one silo” for easy reference
  • New comments are emailed out automatically
  • Everyone involved is updated by email
  • Everyone is kept in the loop without extra effort

More details about Task Comments and Alerts

Alerts and reminders

  • Assigned and involved people get notification emails
  • Everyone is kept up to speed
  • Can opt out of emails – avoid information overload
  • Automated reminders – saves you chasing
  • Full task text and details – recipients don’t need to login.
  • Full history, “reasons why” – makes every alert easily understandable

More on Dooster’s Comments, alerts, notifications and emails

Assign and involve People

  • Quickly add people and assign them a task
  • They never actually have to log in
  • Alerts, comments, changes are all emailed
  • “Involve” people – eg clients can watch progress
  • Add new people and even projects while creating tasks – greatly aids speed and flexibility

Learn more about Dooster’s People and Permissions feature

Google integration

  • Syncs neatly with your Google apps
  • Syncs perfectly with your Google Calendars and Contacts
  • Link to Google Docs / Drive to specific tasks
  • Create tasks from your Gmail quickly and easily

Learn more about Dooster task manager’s Google apps integration

Task history

  • Accurate history for every action
  • Updated automatically
  • When did it start… how long did it take… etc
  • Useful audit trail of all changes
  • Enables proper review

More about Dooster’s Task History / Audit feature

Overview screens

  • Everything centralized in one easy view
  • Everyone has their own dashboard – can only see what they are allowed
  • Color code by project
  • Use powerful filters to see what you need
  • Filter by one or several projects
  • One-click drill down to quickly access every task
  • Safe: nothing disappears until it is dealt with

Learn more about Dooster’s Layout and Overiew screens

Task lists

  • Group any task into a list for better organizing
  • Create a new list at any time – makes it highly flexible
  • Easily move tasks to other lists and projects
  • Move entire lists to other projects
  • Quick editing of list names and other useful options

Learn more about the Task Lists


  • Simple but highly effective milestone setting
  • At a glance progress meters
  • Helps coordinate teams towards achievable goals
  • Can combine multiple task lists into one milestone
  • Red Flags alert you to overdue milestones
  • Milestone specific calendar for comprehensive overviews
  • Easily edit / adjust each milestone

Learn more about our Milestones feature


Gantt Charts

  • Help you manage your time sensitive work
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Highly effective

Find out more about the Gantt feature


  • Get a great visual overview of every project
  • Create new projects / tasks / events from mindmaps
  • Auto-synchronizes with “standard” list type view
  • Priorities and due dates display for any node

More about the Task Mindmap feature


Files / data storage

  • Get all your files in one central, safe location
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No more time wasted on searching for files
  • Easy file handling upload / download
  • Powerful permissions / security. Set exactly who can access each file
  • Email files in as attachments,(auto-stored in library)
  • Files can be attached to tasks

More information on Files


People / Permissions

  • Quickly add / remove team members
  • Control who sees what with strict permission levels
  • Permission levels can vary across different projects
  • Easily upgrade / downgrade each users permissions
  • Members feel in the loop / leads to better team morale
  • Photos of each person make it more friendly / human

Read more about Permission / Access levels


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