Check out how this could be just right for you

Whether you're a middle manager in a large business... a volunteer charity organizer... an entrepreneur starting or running your own business... a project manager or member of a project team or even a home maker organising your family, dooster will help you manage your stuff.

It could make all the difference giving you a fantastic advantage.

Typical dooster users include any individual or business who wants to organize their activities in a better way.


Freelancers – to communicate better with clients; show project progress; track / log billable time

Businesses - to handle customer enquiries better, improve sales, simplify admin and much more

Start ups
Start ups planning complex projects. Get the same technology as bigger rivals for a fraction of the cost

Group of Friends
Groups of friends organizing anything together - collaborate, assign tasks, share calendars etc

Managers within large firms to organize their own work, improve email and better manage their team

Home Makers
Busy home makers who are coordinating kids and family activities – maybe while also using dooster for their work

Some of the organisations people who use dooster work in: